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Networking is not all about who you know.  It is more about who knows…YOU.

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Whether you are trying to network locally or on the other side of the globe, it all starts with a connection.

Pull a seat up (a Local-Virtual one) in a room with fellow professionals, where the “thinking out-thinks you”! Push yourself to new levels and expand your business networking tribe.

  • 1 Hr. High-Energy LOCAL-VIRTUAL Weekly Meetings
  • Access to Industry Specialized Mentors
  • Complimentary Conglomerate Business Power Pack
  • Access to the Entire Conglomerate Global Community

Complimentary Conglomerate Business Power Pack

As a business professional, you know having all the tools to run your business makes all the difference. However, utilizing all of these tools separately can quickly add expenses to your company’s annual budget. Each CGC membership includes access to our Conglomerate Business Power Pack. Giving you the tools necessary to push your business to the next level.

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Connect and Learn from Industry Specialized Mentors

Imagine gaining entry to an ever-expanding vault of industry-specific mentors, each holding the keys to success in their respective fields. Forging your business path can become confusing if you go it alone. These esteemed experts are ready to impart their invaluable knowledge directly to you.

  • Access to our ever-growing line-up of Mentors
  • Unlock the power of value-added mentorship through our Mentor Center
  • Experience transformative personal and professional development
  • Engage in exclusive industry-specialized courses offered by our esteemed Mentors

Grow Your Business Network

Each Portal is geographically located to connect you with your local community. With portals launching all over the globe, as a member, you can grow your business and business connections past your physical reach, and have no wasted time in traffic!

Find A Local-Virtual Portal

The Portals (Chapters) are composed of business owners and professionals holding exclusive business seats. The members meet weekly in a Local-Virtual setting and monthly at in-person socials.

Launch A Local-Virtual Portal

Are you ready to be the visionary founder behind a Local-Virtual CGC business referral networking portal? Look no further than our CGC portal system, where you’ll gain access to our proven formation system that leads to success.

With our unprecedented hands-on portal setup experience from field leadership, you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to revolutionize the way businesses connect and thrive in your community. Rest assured, unwavering guidance from the Home Office ensures that you’ll never be alone on this journey.

Launch a Local-Virtual portal today and embark on a path of empowerment, influence, and limitless potential; in your neck of the woods.

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