What Makes Us Different?

We are the ONLY business referral organization that provides our members with complimentary tools, systems, and resources. The CGC is poised to bring the newest technology to bear, led by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

We are where the“old school” networking meets “new school”.
We are where the internet meets AI.
We are where the NOW meets the FUTURE.

Disrupting the business referral networking industry will be the result of The Conglomerate Global Connectors introduction to the World.

What is the CGC?

Welcome to The Conglomerate Global Connectors, the premier business networking organization dedicated to helping build relationships between fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

We understand building a successful business requires more than just hard work and determination. It also requires a strong network of support. That’s why we’ve created a community focused on helping members connect with the right people, resources, and opportunities to grow their businesses.

Our Mission

To unite professionals with tools, strategies, and business connection points to grow in a global community.

Our Promise

To lead an organization focused on combining next-level technology, top-level influencers, education, and relationship-driven global networking.

Executive Leadership

The Conglomerate Executive team is composed of experienced business leaders with a proven track record of success. Each member of the team has owned a successful small business, and they have all held leadership positions in referral networking companies. These experiences have given them a deep understanding of the industry and the needs of its members.

Their experience operating in the “now” is one of their secret weapons. They have experience with business networking before, during, and after the pandemic. This gives them the ability to provide members with the value needed to succeed and the support needed to grow.

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